Qigong With Chris


Chris teaches Qigong and Tai-Chi to groups and individuals in Manchester, UK and Ibiza, Spain, depending on the time of the year. These arts have given him so much personally that he decided to make sharing them a part of his career path.

He likes to see what he offers as a set of tools and skills that can definitely help make a positive difference for just about anyone. He enjoys sharing what he knows with whomever is interested in making a positive change in their life. Through Qigong and Tai Chi he has been able to help people find relief from a number of conditions including arthritis, chronic fatigue sydrome, fibromyralgia, multiple sclerosis, respiratory conditions, anxiety and depression as well as mitigating the stress of modern life and helping people to rediscover the joy in having a body. He also organize retreats and workshops across Europe, hosting his own teachers and facilitating access to world class instruction in the Taoist Arts.

Please contact Chris Gorman for more information

Telephone: 07835 260 296

email: phoenix .blu.retreats@hotmail.com